President: Stefan Lee

Stefan Lee

Stefan is a History major from Brevard County Florida. When not at Quad, he is a member of the Nassoons, theatre, and Princeton Model Congress. An aspiring judge, Stefan hopes to attend law school after finishing his studies at Princeton.

Vice President: Jordan Brown

Hailing from Southeastern Indiana, Jordan is the current undergraduate Vice-President of the Princeton Quadrangle Club. He is majoring in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering with a certificate in Engineering Physics, with which he will pursue a career in rocket propulsion. Other than Quad, he is also a member of the Engineers Without Borders Kenya team. During his free time Jordan enjoys playing and creating games, playing Ultimate Frisbee, and otherwise enjoying his time at Quad.

Treasurer: Luis Gonzalez-Yante

Luis is a first gen student from Southwest Detroit and an aspiring Electrical Engineer. He has strong passions for education and entrepreneurship. Luis is a member of Speak With Style, Lobster Club and is the co-president for Princeton's Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers. 

Senior Representative: Chris Habermann

Hailing from beautiful Nashville, Tennessee, Chris is the current Senior Representative of the Princeton Quadrangle Club and is a pre-med student majoring in Chemistry with a certificate in Global Health and Health Policy. On campus, Chris is an Outdoor Action leader, a member of the Outdoor Action Programming Committee, a McGraw tutor of chemistry, an editor of the Princeton Public Health Review, and a first aid instructor.

Activities Chair: Charlotte McIntosh

Charlotte is a Sociology major from Virginia. She is also pursuing certificates in American Studies and Gender and Sexuality Studies. Outside of Quad she is involved in theatre on campus, primarily as a stage manager for various shows. 

Activities Chair: Allyson Brown

Allyson is a Chemical and Biological Engineering major from Santa Maria, California.  As a native Californian, she enjoys long walks on the beach and a lack of seasonal weather.  In her occasional free time on campus, she enjoys participating in Princeton's iGEM team, attending student performances and auditioning for dance groups for fun.  She is really excited to be one of the Activities co-chairs, as she now has another reason to spend all her time in Quad.

Membership Chair: Brian McSwiggen

Bio coming soon.

Social Chair: Raye Kessler

Bio coming soon.

Social Chair: Aaron Gurayah

Aaron is a Molecular Biology major from Rockland County, New York. He is on the pre-medical track and pursuing a certificate in the Global Health Program. In addition to being Co-Social Chair at Quad, he is a member of Princeton Caribbean Connection, Princeton Club Baseball team, and Minority Association of Pre-Health Students. During his free time, Aaron loves to play sports, binge watch Netflix series, and play card/board games.

Moosehead: Daniel Spruill

Bio coming soon.

Moosehead: Tommy Fair

Bio coming soon.

Moosehead: Oscar Mahoney

Oscar is an undergraduate from Southampton, NY. He is pursuing a degree in Classics and a certificate in German language and culture, considering a career in academia after Princeton. On campus, he sails with the Princeton Club Sailing Team, writes for the Nassau Weekly, and conducts musical pit orchestras for the Princeton University Players, among other engagements. Oscar's personal interests range from writing to calligraphy to spending time with friends and delighting in life's simple pleasures.

House and Store: Josh Maccoby

Bio coming soon.

Tech and Games: Korle Akiti

Korle Akiti is a computer science major from Minnesota interested in Artificial Intelligence.  An avid film enthusiast, his favorite movies include Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter.  In his free time he enjoys playing Black Ops 2: Zombies as well as Settlers of Catan.

Propaganda: Eaman Shire

Eaman Shire is from Minnesota but was born in Canada. She is studying Sociology with either an East Asian Studies or Japanese Language certificate, and she is pre-med. She loves caffeine and hibernating. On campus, she does improv comedy and kendo, but she's good at neither or those things, or anything really.

Propaganda: Katherine Frain

Katherine Frain, co-Minister of Propaganda, would like to remind all citizens to remember that we have always been at war with Eurasia. A mild-mannered English major by day, she is a less-mannered English major by night. Other than Quad, she helps edit the local science-fiction magazine, writes grants for Princeton-Blairstown Center, and reads far too much YA. 

Community Service: Lindsay Marrone

Lindsay is a History major from Long Island, New York.  She is also pursuing a certificate in Spanish and learning Italian.  On campus, she is the co-founder of the mentorship program Community Link, a member of Princeton Business Volunteers, and recently joined the organization Effective Altruism Investments on campus.  Lindsay hopes to pursue a career in finance.  

IMs: Jason Dell'Aquila

A Long Island native, Jason is the current IM chair of the Princeton Quadrangle Club and a pre-med student majoring in neuroscience.  Upon graduating from Princeton, he aims to continue his studies in med school.  He is also on the Princeton Club Baseball team, and enjoys spending time with friends and family.

Alumni Relations: Terry Rossi

Bio coming soon.

At a glance:

Quad Officers:

  • President: Stefan Lee
  • Vice President: Jordan Brown
  • Treasurer: Luis Gonzalez-Yante
  • Senior Representative: Chris Habermann
  • Activities Chair: Charlotte McIntosh
  • Activities Chair: Allyson Brown
  • Membership Chair: Brian McSwiggen
  • Social Chair: Raye Kessler
  • Social Chair: Aaron Gurayah
  • Moosehead: Daniel Spruill
  • Moosehead: Tommy Fair
  • Moosehead: Oscar Mahoney
  • House and Store: Josh Maccoby
  • Tech and Games: Korle Akiti
  • Propaganda: Eaman Shire
  • Propaganda: Katherine Frain
  • Community Service: Lindsay Marrone
  • IMs: Jason Dell'Aquila
  • Alumni Relations: Terry Rossi